Welcome to Gookle Search Engine

What is Gookle?

Gookle is a search engine powered by google custom search.

You may have done one typo mistake by writing Gookle instead of Google.

No worry we have you covered. You can simply use our website for your

searches and it will work like a charm, because we are powered by

google itself.

Well, we are not profit focused like google, so if we make any money

with your searches and ads, we will donate 50% from profit to children

cancer research center and for 25% of the profit we will plant trees.

So if you are an responsible person and and willing too use our gookle

search engine which is working as the original google one.

We want to help children, are you ready too?

We also want to stop the global crisis by planting trees, are you ready to


Than we welcome you to https://www.gookle.net/ the real social search engine.

We believe to help other people and to stop the climate crisis is very

importanant, that is the reason why we founded gookle.net .

If you want to help us too just use our search engine and spreed the

word with your friends and family.

This is your chance to change the world and to make it to an better

place for you and your kids. We will provide the yearly profit report at

christmas and also the report how many trees we have planted.

The Gookle team want to say welcome to our website, welcome to the

best search engine.

If you are still not interested in our service, please visit www.google.com as this was your real intention as you landed on our website.

Is Gookle a Chinese search engine?

No Gookle is not a Chinese search engine.

Thank you very much your gookle.net team.